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Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto

Get the beautiful smile you want with cosmetic dentistry treatments. Even a small change can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your smile.

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Veneers are used to change the shape and size of your visible teeth. They are porcelain shells that are designed to fit your natural teeth. To place veneers we remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth and then cement the veneers in place.


Lumineers are a brand of veneers that are extremely thin and can be placed without removing enamel from your teeth.

Contouring and Bonding

Contouring and bonding are treatments used to change the shape, size, and appearance of your natural teeth. Contouring involves removing tiny amounts of enamel from a tooth, and bonding involves using a special tooth-coloured resin to reshape a tooth. These treatments are used to make teeth appear more even, to repair chips or worn teeth, or to correct the spacing between teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are used to completely cover a tooth. As a cosmetic treatment, crowns are used to reshape teeth or cover teeth that are badly stained or damaged.

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