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Welcome York students!

Your student dental plan begins October 1, 2019. Take advantage of savings on your dental care today!

St Raphael’s Dental Care is happy to offer you discounted dental care under the Student Discount Network Program. You’re automatically enrolled in the program when you pay your tuition, and it lets you save money on most dental services.

As part of your benefits under the plan, you’re entitled to a free checkup and teeth cleaning! Other services may include a co-pay if they’re only partly covered. You can check your plan details below.

Full Time Students

Procedure (with estimated fees) Insured Portion Student Discount You Pay*
Check up & x-rays ($200) 75% 25% $0
Teeth cleaning ($200-$300) 75% 25% $0
Fillings ($200-$300) 75% 20% $20-$30 per filling
Extractions/Wisdom teeth removal ($200-$400) 75% 20% $20-$40 per tooth
* If within annual maximum $600 per coverage period (September 1st - August 31st) per person. Charges will be higher if you have exceeded your maximum.
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New Patients Welcome

Our practice is now accepting new patients. If you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming dentist who puts your needs first, give us a call!